Welcome to Youth Orchestra Alive!

The family at Youth Orchestra Alive ( YOA ) is excited to start a new musical movement not only in the state of Virginia but across America to ensure there is access in each community for string education.

  • We are targeting areas that do not currently have string education offerings in public schools to establish a new program starting with group beginner classes.
  • We will work together over a 5 year program to establish a string class outside of school with the hopes to approach each school board with not only membership, but also a sound curriculum for string education in hopes that each school district will absorb the program into their public school offerings.
  • We welcome everyone into our program even if they do not attend public school. Actually this is only a small piece of the puzzle, Youth Orchestra Alive realizes the importance to also offer a string program to those who are homeschooled, or attend private schools in the area.
  • We realize that while auditions are an important part of the musical experience and journey, we feel the “art” of how to prepare and execute a proper audition should be taught and not expected as a prerequisite in joining our program.
  • We know that the costs of learning a instrument are an important deciding factor for families when deciding and we strive to make it possible for everyone. We proudly work with local music stores when it comes to a instrument rentals and we make sure that every family can have access to these rentals no matter their income. The cost to join YOA is $10 a week and have a policy of “pay when you can if you can”.
  • The most important thing to remember is music education should be just as important as learning to read or write and that education should be accessible to everyone.  We look for students that have a passion and a creative desire to  learn, explore and love what music has to offer!
  • We don’t just teach how to read music or play the instrument! We incorporate history, theory, aural skills, basic piano knowledge, science and mathematics into our  program. We strive to make well rounded musicians.
  • We are part of the community. YOA promotes a sound foundation of community service with the skills we learn.

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